2017 was quite a year.  We got quite a few miles on two wheels, we made some more friends, we had some staff changes, and we have grown even better than ever before.  As we are preparing for 2018 and the show season, we are very excited about some stuff coming up.  We have been a little slack on getting out and about the past couple of months.  That is not out of the ordinary for this time of year, but it will be nice after the first of the year to start hitting shows.  It is always good to see old friends and make more new ones at the winter shows.  It is nice to be able to chat with people about what and how they ride and actually be able to talk when it is cold outside, then when warm weather hits, we can get out on two wheels again!

As far as prepping for shows, we set up a table at some events, we make an appearance at some events, and we try to get to as many as we can in Iowa and the surrounding areas.  As of today, I am pretty sure we will be at Retro Rewind in Dubuque, Fremont, NE at the AMCA meet, Cedar Rapids at the Parts Girl Promotions Swap Meet, we will of course be at the World of Wheels Midwest Motorcycle Show in Omaha March 16-18th, the Mason City Expo, and who knows which other shows.  We may try to hit Lincoln and Donnie Smith for a couple of out of state shows to look around.  As far as the February 10th and 11th show that is normally going on, we have no clue.  No word about that show at all, so just have to wait and see if that goes on or not.  We sure hope so!  Anyway, hope to see a ton of people out and about at shows this winter.

2017 was a year that had many major losses in the Iowa and national motorcycle scene.  There were some cats that passed away that have had tremendous impacts in the motorcycle world for many years.  Thunder Roads would like to say Rest in Peace to those that have gone before us, deepest sympathies to those that remain, and hope that everyone continues on in their memory and continues to make them proud.  Passing of loved ones or icons is always a sad event, but is also inevitable.  Share the joys of your lives with those around you.  Don’t be afraid to tell people you love them when you truly do.  Share your stories and your experiences with younger generations so that you can live on through them for decades to come.  Be a good steward of the motorcycle world that we live in and pass on the traditions of respect and honor to younger riders.  Be true to yourself and let your legacy form.  Not to be overly philosophical here, but just some thoughts of mine to start the year off.      

Vernon Schwarte


Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa

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