September for some riders is the end of the road for the riding season.  Right, wrong, or indifferent, that is just the way it is.  Some people have too many things going on when the kiddos get back to school, some are too busy at work, and some just don’t like the unpredictable weather that the fall season holds.  The temperatures from the beginning to the end of the month can be greatly varied.  Some put the bikes away and start planning for winter and upgrades to their scoots.  Before September is completed, get those two and three wheeled machines out as much as you can to avoid the winter drag with cold, snow, and ice.  If you need to find a place to go or something to do, simply look inside the back cover for the Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa Event List and Bike Night & Supper Ride List.  There are still a lot of things shakin’ in Iowa in September so enjoy while you can!

Some of our most favorite events are during the month of September, and here as some that TRMI will be at this month.  August 31st-September 3rd brings the Redneck Revival in Conesville if you want to party on the eastern side of the state on Labor Day weekend.  It is always a good time for partying adults!  In western Iowa, September 2nd-3rd the Midway Tavern in Soldier is hosting the Solider Valley Run, BBQ, and Street Dance.  This event has been going on for years and originally started to fund the Veterans Memorial in Soldier.  After that was taken care of, proceeds have been going to Soldier Valley area Fire and Rescue Departments.  One benefactor of the party is the newly purchased Fire Station in Soldier.  September 3rd also brings the Biker Bash at Johnny’s Pub in Lake Park if you want to hit an event in northwestern Iowa.  September 9th is the TRMI Tall Corn Run End of Year Prize Drawing at Big Barn HD in  Des Moines from 1-2.  Bring your TCR Ride & Win card, and hopefully walk away with some of the thousands of dollars of prizes.  You must be present to win the grand prizes that day.  September 16th is the WTF Fun Run in Harlan.  This is an event organized by my Father In Law, Mike Wohlhutter.  It is his way of giving back potential and recent lung transplant patients after Mike was fortunate to get a new lease on life a year ago.  Last but not least, dealerships have their new 2018 models being released and showing up in showrooms across the state.  If you are looking at upgrading, check on page 10 for the dealers listed and hit them up about what models you want to check out.

You may have seen a Save 60 flier online on social media, or on our website, and you will see it on these pages as well.  Last year there was a tie for the record number of motorcycle fatalities, and that simply is not acceptable to us.  We have partnered with the Iowa Motorcycle Dealers Association and ABATE of Iowa to spread the simple reminder that we are in large part responsible for our own safety.  If we in essence take care of ourselves, then we have less fear about additional legislation that will more than likely just limit freedoms and make no difference in the death tally.  Responsibility not legislation to curb the rise in motorcycle related deaths.  Let’s make sure that ourselves and our riding buddies are licensed riders, which have taken a riders education classes, and make sure you or anyone you ride with rides straight without overindulges.  Together we can make a difference.  Spread the word to help us save more bikers, and SAVE 60!

Ride safe and enjoy one of the best months of the year for two wheels.


Quote of the Month: “It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed.” ~Author Unknown



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