Riding in August is a great time to actually rack up some miles.  Simply due to the location of some of the events, it is a great way to watch the odometer add up.  The events in August can be a ways away even across state lines, or even across the state, but riding to them is the best way to keep from getting too hot.  Slow moving or city traffic can cook motors and people, but being out on the open road feels much better this time of year.  Get the miles on while you can, because August is also the start of the end of the riding season.  Not that there is not plenty of good riding in September and October, but after school starts, harvest gets rolling, and the days get shorter, it is harder for people to get out and about on two wheels.  The trips in the fall must be much better planned out, so enjoy August riding and get out and about.

August is the last month of the Tall Corn Run for 2017, and there is no better reason to put on some miles and hit up different areas with Check In spots that you have never been to before.  There is still plenty of time during the whole month of August to get out and about to hit more spots and get even more Check Ins!  If you have not gotten a card yet, you can still get one of those as well and get started!  Look on the TCR pages in the magazine or on thunderroadsiowa.com or on the Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa Facebook page for Registration and Check In Spots.  With your TCR Ride and Win card, you can Check In up to once per week to get chances to win monthly prizes, as well as chances to win the grand prizes at the end of the year drawing.  This year that drawing is at Big Barn Harley-Davidson in Des Moines on September 9th from 1-2 pm.  The monthly prizes are drawn and posted, but to win the grand prizes at BBHD, you must be present to win.  Ride around, Check In, and win prizes!  What could be better?

While you are out riding, do so safely.  Keep aware of your surroundings and always ride defensively.  As the riding season progresses, people tend to get complacent, and that is something that we simply cannot do on two or three wheels.  There are far too many motorcycle crashes, hell, even one would be too many, but we need to try to take better care of ourselves.  Some crashes are caused by cages, but some are due to our own shortcomings as riders.  Riding impaired, not taking care of our equipment, riding beyond our abilities or motorcycles, and not paying attention can also contribute to bad things happening.  Watch yourself, watch those around you, and live to ride safely another day.

On a parting note, I would like to wish a Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife Melanie on August 31st.  She has been a wonderful part of my world and a growing part of the magazine.  Since we got hitched by Scary Jerry at the Rally in Soldier, it has been a fun ride, and hopefully it keeps up for many years to come!

Enjoy your August, enjoy your ride, and enjoy your loved ones!

Vernon and Melanie

Quote of the Month:   “The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike... you have to understand what she wants. I think of a motorcycle as a woman, and I know that sounds silly, but it's true.”  Valentino Rossi



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